Agnethe Siquans

VO Introduction to the Bible

VO Theology of the Old Testament: The Old Testament as the Book of God's Revelation

VO Basic Course Old Testament II

DR Theologie biographisch: Von der christlichen Identität zur theologischen Forschungsfrage

Bernhard Klinger

SE Job on Stage? Job as a drama in terms of content and form

Antonia Krainer

VO Biblical Hebrew I (Tutorium: Franziska Tertsch)

SE Bible didactics Old Testament

Markus Tiwald

VO Advanced Course New Testament I

Martin Stowasser

VO Basic Course New Testament I

VO Exegesis of the New Testament: Book of Revelation

UE Greek Reading

Hanna-Maria Mehring

SE Intersectionality and the Pluralism of Identities. The Relation of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity and today

Eva Puschautz

PS Exegetical methods

Alfred Friedl

VU New Testament Greek I